QLS-CAFFI is one of Western Australia's largest growing specialist logistics businesses in this state. We specialise in providing warehousing, storage, and distribution of all types of appliances to all retailers, throughout Western Australia.

We also deliver into South Australia and the Northern Territory and beyond where required.

QLS-CAFFI has one of the largest appliance distribution centres on the west coast of Australia delivering products daily to retailers in the Perth metropolitan areas and to all country and rural locations.

QLS-CAFFI provides the complete logistics solution for many leading appliances brands in Australia. This includes several fasting growing, high profile brands where we must meet not only their needs but also their customer's.

QLS-CAFFI has an experienced mature team of people who deliver on their promise to their customer and their customer's customer. Attention to detail is critical and the management practice involves a hands-on practical approach working in the business every day. 

QLS-CAFFI will work with you to ensure we meet the customer service requirements at the levels expected. Customer service levels are measured daily to ensure we achieve or exceed the highest standard all times. We continue to grow as new customer's partner with us and we continue to meet their logistics challenges. 

The team has a can do attitude and positive response to the daily challenges within this fast growing logistics business. This is why QLS-CAFFI will be a reliable and successful logistics provider for your business.

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